HTML Emoji | Emoji in HTML – Code with Random

HTML emoji | emoji in HTML – Code with Random


What do I mean by HTML emoji? In this article, we will see how to add emojis in HTML. You can of course copy it from somewhere else and paste it but today we will see how to do it from scratch with just HTML and no copy pasting.


First, you need to understand what is an entity in HTML. Entity usually begins with the & symbol followed by random words/numbers that represent an emoji easily. We also use entities for symbols like © which will display a copyright symbol in the output.


First I will show one example of an entity for emoji and its output. Then we will see a list of entities for some common HTML emojis.

Paste this entity in your HTML Code:


Your output would be:


Now we will about 12 entity examples below for HTML Emoji. You just need to paste the entity code where you want to add HTML Emoji. I have added the example of the output emoji and beside it, there is the entity code for it:

🗻  🗻

🗼  🗼

🗽  🗽

🗾  🗾

🗿  🗿

😀  😀

😁  😁

😂  😂

😃  😃

😄  😄

😅  😅

You can view the full list of entities for HTML Emojis in this reference sheet here

And that’s it! You’ve successfully learned how to add emojis in HTML using entity code!

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