What is a Web Developer? easy explanation – codewithrandom

What is a Web Developer? easy explanation – codewithrandom

You would have often heard this word called Web developer, if not many times at least once you might have heard this word. So, who exactly Web developers are? What do they do? If you are here to find an answer then you are at the right place. After reading this article you will get to know the role of a web developer, types of web developers, and how to become a web developer.

Who is a web developer?

A web developer is a person who takes a web design created by the client, uses his programming skills, and converts that design to the website.

Types of Web developers:

There are three types of web developers. They are

       Front-end developers

       Back-end developers

       Full Stack developers

          Front-end developers:

            Web developers who are responsible for the parts of a website to which people will see and interact are called Front-end developers. Front-end developers deal with the client side. They use languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to structure, style and add functionalities to the website respectively. They make sure that the website looks appealing to the viewers by using the right colors and actions which fit the brands.

            An average Front-end developer earns somewhere between 3.0 LPA to 8.0 LPA. So, Choosing Front-end development as your career will be a great choice.

Back-end developers:

            Back-end developers deal with the server-side. They create programs that handle the website’s server, databases, and other applications of the website. They use a wide range of programming languages and the most popular are Python, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript. SQL, MongoDB, etc is used to manage the data on the website.

            An average Back-end developer earns somewhere between 3.0 LPA to 10.0 LPA. So, Back-end development will also be a good career choice.

By now you would have got an idea about A Full stack developer! So, let’s see whether your guess is right or not.

Full-Stack developer:

            Developers who are able to handle/work both with the Front-end and the Back-end are called Full Stack developers. Did you guess it right? So, learning Full stack development will be beneficial because you will be able to work both on the client-side and server-side which means you will be able to develop an entire website on your own, which gives you a lot of job opportunities. An average Full Stack developer earns between 3.7 LPA to 14 LPA.

So, now you know Who is called a web developer, what they do and how can you become a web developer.

If you are choosing Web development as your career then it’s a great choice All the very best for your future👍. If you have any queries then comment down them in the comment section below😊

 Thank you for reading!        

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