node.js tutorial beginner

Node.js Tutorial For Beginners

Node.js Tutorial For Beginners

Hey Learners! As you are learning this blog, I assume that you will be a web developer if you are not then you will be definitely touched by these areas.
And all after diving into this, you would have worked with Javascript language. So, Welcome to this new blog where we are going to learn about Node.js from starting.
Yeah, Learner, you guessed right. Today we are going to learn a new topic that is adjacent to Javascript.
That is nothing but an introduction to Node.js from the beginning.

Let’s leave our laziness in this extreme winter, bring our hands out of our pockets for warmup, and be ready for scrolling the screen till the end because at the end we are going to get something new knowledge.

Node.js Tutorial For Beginners
Node.js Tutorial For Beginners



Before diving into the definition of node.js let’s explore the history behind it what is this? why it is so? for more clarification.
As you are a programmer or coder so you will have an idea that how any computer language interacts with our machine.
If you haven’t don’t worry, I’m going to explain it.
  • In the first step, you should have the idea that whatever languages we are using nowadays most of them are Higher level languages and human-understandable languages.
  • But the most contradictory part is that our machine understands only binary languages (0101) but still we are able to interact with our machine with our written code. You must be thinking what is this ridiculous logic?
  • Learners,  we have divine tools in our programming world that make this task possible that is nothing but a Compiler.  It is also programmed.


Node.js Tutorial For Beginners
Node.js Tutorial For Beginners

I make this quick recap because the upcoming topic will bring you into a chain of learning.

JavaScript History

Javascript is OOPS based language. That was introduced in the world around 1995 by Brendan Eich.
  • In the starting javascript was used for only client-server language. For frontend development only.
  • Earlier or today’s time as well what we use to do for javascript programming is that we open our console of browser and we do our programming. Even when we are working on any IDE for output we depend on it. 
    The below figure shows how our console looks like👇
Node.js Tutorial For Beginners
Node.js Tutorial For Beginners


  • Now your next question that will be pointing in your mind that how it is possible that we can be done programming on our browser regardless of the compiler. 
  • So, Learner here also we have a compiler that makes it possible to run our Javascript code in the browser as well. That is Js engine.
  • Each browser has its own Js engine that helps to convert our javascript language into machine language.
  • The First Js engine was developed by Netscape which was Sipdermonkey, although it didn’t work much effectively due to many loopholes.   
 List of JS engines of the following browser
  • Internet Explorer: Chakra
  • Mozilla Firefox: Spider monkey  
  • Safari: Javascript Core Webkit
  • Chrome: V8.
So, at that time also many programmers thought that could it be possible to run Javascript in our machine console.
In 2009 this brainstorming help a lot, Ryan Dahl (Google engineer). He took the V8 engine of Chrome and embedded it into the C++ program and called it Node.exe. later on, it was termed Node.js
After this whole learning, we are able to interrelate our Nodejs.
Node.js is an open-source and cross-platform runtime environment built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine for executing JavaScript code outside of a browser. 
It is open-source because it is available to all, a run-time environment means we don’t need to open our browser console. It doesn’t mean that after introducing Nodejs our browser console is not working
      • Again Nodejs is neither a programming language nor a framework of javascript. Keep this point in your mind because it is very important.
After the introduction of Nodejs currently, Javascript is in high demand reason behind it. Now we are using Javascript in both developments backend and the frontend.
  • We often use Node.js for building back-end services like APIs, Web App, or Mobile App.
Why learn NodeJS?
  1. Only by learning this language, we will be Fullstack developers.
  2. Real-time web apps
  3. Fast Suit
  4. Easy to learn and code
Finally, we have completed not Nodejs learning just the intro part
By this blog… We have learned Introduction to Nodejs. History of Javascript, How node.js came into the world. These are all the crucial topics that every learner wants about stating any topics
Now I’m looking for your reviews.
So, How was the blog, Learners?
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I hope that I’m able to make you understand this topic and you have learned something new from this blog. If you faced any difficulty feel free to drop a comment down your problems and if you liked it, please show your love in the comment section. This fills blogger hearts with enthusiasm for writing more and new blogs.
Thank You And Keep Learning!!!
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