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5+ HTML CSS Projects With Source Code

Hello, the guy’s welcome to Code With Random, Today we’ll see beginner-level Html CSS Projects With Source Code so you can easily understand & learn new frontend concepts from these projects’ source code.

5+ HTML CSS project With Source Code

in this blog post, we give you HTML Html Css Projects With Source Code so you can direct access code and make your project.

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Html And Css Projects With Source Code List

Name of project coding language used
Survey form HTML,CSS
Parallax website HTML,CSS
User profile card HTML,CSS
Instagram home clone  HTML ,CSS
html css projects with source code


1. Survey form

Basically, the survey form is all about HTML input. In this project, you learn about Html input like input fields, input validation without JavaScript, checkbox, radio button, file upload, date pick-up input, text-area field, and many more.

100+ Front-end Projects for Web developers (Source Code)

Every website needs a form to connect its user to the web owner so everyone must know that to create a form. this is the best Html Css Project for new learners.

HTML - CSS project ideas by Code With Random
Survey Form

Source code link – Survey form source code


2. Parallax website

he image in the background is fixed but the image content is Scrollable. The parallax effect adds depth to your website which is eye-catching and attracts users’ attention more easily than a normal webpage.

In this project, you learn many things including background images property and scroll property. this is Html Css Project that makes the website 3d scroll.

HTML - CSS project ideas by Code With Random
Parallax website

Source code link – Parallax website source cod

3. User profile card

When we visit any website we see a card on every website but it may be an invitation card, or information card inbox with some short detail.

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So in this project, you’ll learn about how to create a simple type of card and also make it better with your CSS skills. this is Html Css Project that you can use in your portfolio.

Create Simple Portfolio Website Using Html Css (Portfolio Source Code)


HTML - CSS project ideas by Code With Random
Card CSS


Source code link – User profile card

4. Dynamic Js Quiz 

Basically, it’s a JavaScript project but you can create this design using only HTML & CSS without any functionality. If you want to add a quiz function then your project rating goes. In this project, you learn about the radio buttons also how to add content using JavaScript.

5. Landing page

A landing page is a page on which a user lands on after clicking a specifically dedicated hyperlink. Landing page is a standalone page that is completely different from the homepage or any other page of the website.

Portfolio Website Using HTML CSS And JAVASCRIPT ( Source Code)

it serves only one specific purpose for which it is created it could be anything from promoting a product or selling as well to proposing a service to your visitor. we’ve included a landing page link from a Codepen below that you can check out.


HTML - CSS project ideas by Code With Random
Landing page HTML CSS


Source code link – landing page source code

6.  Instagram home clone 

In this project you can easily see the Instagram home page clone it is not responsive but it is one of the best projects for anyone who knows HTML/CSS.

This is an advanced level project for HTML/CSS devs because in this project you learn lots of things flexbox, grid, positioning, hover effect, 3d effect, section dividing and so much more, and going a step further you can even add backend support also convert it into a full-stack project from a simple front-end Project. A full-stack Clone website is a must-have on your portfolio.

Ecommerce Website Using Html Css And Javascript Source Code

HTML - CSS project ideas by Code With Random
Instagram home page clone

Source code link  – Instagram home clone 

we share the best html and css projects with source code, so don’t forget to visit our website next time for html and css projects, Thank You!

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Everyone’s journey starts as Beginner so if you have any type of confusion drop a comment we are here to reply & provide the best information regarding your comment. Thank you for reading!

Written by – codewithrandoom/Anki

FAQ For Html Css Projects With Source Code

Which code editor do you use for this website project coding?

I personally recommend using VS Code Studio. it’s very simple and easy to use.

Can we learn html css by doing these html css projects?

Yes if you do learning + projects and understand every part of the project you absolutely learn Html And Css.

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