Hangman game

Build a Hangman game Using Python programming

Build a Hangman Game Using Python programming

Hello coder, welcome to the codewithrandom blog. In this article, we create a Hangman Game using Python Programming with Complete Source Code. This hangman game continues until the players guess the word correctly or until the hangman is complete.  Let’s start!!!

What is Hangman Game ?

Hangman game  is a  word guessing game that is mostly  played by 2 or more players. In this game, first player think/guess of a word, and the other players try to guess the word by suggesting letters .Here guess one letter  at a time . The word  show in a  sequence of dashes, one for each letter in the word, or the players try to guess the letters in the word by guessing one letter at a time.

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Project Requirements

In this Hangman Game project We need to import random module  before using the Python Random Module.

import random

How To Run The Code :

step 1: open any python code Editor.

step 3:  import random module

step 4:  Copy the code & Past it

step 4:  Run the file main.py and your program will run

Hangman Game complete program code👇👇

import random

def hangman():

    # set up game
    words = ["apple", "banana", "Orange", "Strawberry", "Cherry"]

    word = random.choice(words)

    word_length = len(word)

    alphabet = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz"

    letters_guessed = []

    tries = 5
    # loop until game is over
    while tries > 0:

        # display word with underscores for unguessed letters
        display_word = ""

        for letter in word:

            if letter in letters_guessed:

                display_word += letter


                display_word += "_ _ _ _ _"

        # get user input and validate
        guess = input("Guess a letter: ").lower()

        if guess not in alphabet:

            print("Invalid input. Please enter a letter.")


        elif guess in letters_guessed:

            print("You've already guessed that letter. Try again.")


        # check if letter is in word
        if guess in word:




            tries -= 1
        # check if game is over
        if "_ _ _ _ _" not in display_word:

            print("Congratulations! You've guessed the word: " + word)
        elif tries == 0:

            print("Game over. The word was: " + word)


Output of this Hangman Game 👇👇👇

Build a Hangman game Using Python programming


Hurray! You have successfully Create the a most popular Hangman Game project using the  Python Random modules. We learned to create amazing python project , Hangman Game . Hope you enjoyed building with us!

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