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How To Build Language Translator Using Google API in Python

How To Build Language Translator in python

Hello coder, welcome to the codewithrandom blog. In this article, we will Build Language Translator Using Google API in Python with Complete Source Code. Language translation is an essential aspect of communication between people who speak different languages. In this blog, we will learn how to build a language translator using the Google API in Python. There are 16 languages you can transate into this code.

Language Translator

What you’ll learn ?

In this Python-based project, you’ll be learning about how translation works and how to integrate APIs in python.

To Build the Language Translator in Python , you can follow these steps:

Project Requirements

Open your terminal and Install the module we just talked about, the following commands would be of use.

$ pip install googletrans

Language options and their code 👇👇

| Code |Language |

| bn | Bangla |

| en | English |

| ko | Koren |

| fr | French |

| de | German |

| he | Hebrew |

| hi | Hindi |

| it | Italian |

| ja | Japanese |

| la | Latin |

| ms | Malay |

| ne | Nepali |

| ru | Russian |

| ar | Arabic |

| zh | Chinese |

| es | Spanish |

How To Run The Code :


step 1: open command prompt and install googletrans library.


step 2: open any python code Editor.


step 3:  Make a python file


step 4:  import library


step 5:  Copy the code & Past it

step 6:  Run the file and your program will run

complete program code👇👇👇

from googletrans import Translator

translator = Translator()

language = {"bn": "Bangla",
            "en": "English",
            "ko": "Koren",
            "fr": "French",
            "de": "German",
            "he": "Hebrew",
            "hi": "Hindi",
            "it": "Italian",
            "ja": "Japanese",
            'la': "Latin",
            "ms": "Malay",
            "ne": "Nepali",
            "ru": "Russian",
            "ar": "Arabic",
            "zh": "Chinese",
            "es": "Spanish"

allow = True  # variable to control correct language code input

while allow:  # checking if language code is valid

    user_code = input(
        f"Please input desired language code. To see the language code list enter 'options' \n")

    if user_code == "options":  # showing language options
        print("Code : Language")  # Heading of language option menu
        for i in language.items():
            print(f"{i[0]} => {i[1]}")
        print()  # adding an empty space

    else:  # validating user input
        for lan_code in language.keys():
            if lan_code == user_code:
                print(f"You have selected {language[lan_code]}")
                allow = False
        if allow:
            print("It's not a valid language code!")

while True:  # starting translation loop
    string = input(
        "\nWrite the text you want to translate: \nTo exit the program write 'close'\n")

    if string == "close":  # exit program command
        print(f"\nHave a nice Day!")

    # translating method from googletrans
    translated = translator.translate(string, dest=user_code)

    # printing translation
    print(f"\n{language[user_code]} translation: {translated.text}")
    # printing pronunciation
    print(f"Pronunciation : {translated.pronunciation}")

    for i in language.items():  # checking if the source language is listed on language dict and printing it
        if translated.src == i[0]:
            print(f"Translated from : {i[1]}")


Language Translator


Hurray! You have successfully the Build Language Translator project using the googletrans Python  modules. We learned to create simple python project, Language Translator . There are 16 languages you can translate into this code.  Hope you enjoyed building with us!

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