Slot Game in python

How to Create a Slot Game in python

How to Create a Slot Game in python

Hello coder, welcome to the codewithrandom blog. It’s time to code a game in Python. In this article, we create a Slot Game in python. A slot game is a popular type of casino game that has been enjoyed by millions of players around the world. It involves spinning reels and matching symbols to win prizes. In this blog post, we will explore how to create a simple slot game using Python.

Slot Game

To play the Slot Game in python , you can follow these steps:

step 1 :open any python code Editor.

step 2: Import  the required  module .

import random
import time

step 3: Copy the code for the Slot Game in python , which I provided Below in this article, and save it in a file named “” (or any other name you prefer).

step 4: Run this to start the game.

That’s it! Have fun playing the Slot Game in python.

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Slot Game in python

Complete Slot Game in Python project code (Copy the code and Run )👇👇

# imports
import random
import time
#game vars
snake = ["🐍", 100]
money = ["💰", 50]
skull = ["💀", 3]
lemon = ["🍋", 1]
cherry = ["🍒", 20]
eball = ["🎱", 8]
seven = ["7️⃣", 77]
digits = [snake, money, skull, lemon, cherry, eball, seven]
cash = 50
print("Let's play Slot🐍!")
print("You're starting with $50, each spin costs $1")
print("Good Luck!")
def odds(digits):
    choices = []
    for _ in range(random.randrange(3, 7)):
        choice = random.choice(digits)
        if choice not in choices: choices.append(choice)
    return choices
def spinner(digits):
        temp = random.choice(digits)[0]
        print(f'\b{temp}', end= "")
def pline(a,b,c):
    print('[ ', end = "")
    print(f"{a[0]} | ", end = "")
    print(f"{b[0]} | ", end = "")
    print(f"{c[0]} ]")
def spin(digits):
    line = []
    for x in range(3):
        slot = random.choice(digits)
    return line
pcash = cash
while True:
    user = input("Press <enter> to spin, \'c\' to cashout:  ")
    if user == "c":
        if pcash == cash:
            print(f"You broke even, winnings = ${pcash -  cash}")
        if pcash > cash:
            print(f"You came out ahead, winnings = ${pcash -cash}")
        if pcash < cash:
            print("You cashed out without winning more")
            print("than your starting amount")
            print(f"You now owe the casino: ${cash-pcash}")
    if user == "":
        pcash -= 1
        a,b,c = spin(odds(digits))
        if a[1] == b[1] and b[1] == c[1]:
            print("\n    Winner!")
            pcash += a[1]
            print(f"You won ${a[1]}!, cash balance = {pcash}\n")
            print(f"\nLoser, cash balance = {pcash}\n")
        if pcash == 0:
            print("You ran out of money!")

Output for the Slot Game Using Python 👇👇👇

Slot Game Using Python


Hurray! You have successfully Create the Slot Game in Python. Creating a slot game in Python is a fun and engaging project for game developers. Using python making it easy to create a simple but entertaining slot game. With some creativity and programming skills, you can even add additional features and functionality to your game to make it more exciting. So, start coding and create your own slot game today! Hope you enjoyed building with us! Visit our homepage and you get lot’s of projects💝

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