5+ HTML CSS project With Source Code

Today we'll see beginner-level Html CSS project ideas with source code so you can easily understand & learn new frontend concepts from these project's source code.

1. Survey form

Basically, the survey form is all about HTML input. In this project, you learn about Html input like input fields, input validation without JavaScript, checkbox, radio button, file upload, date pick-up input, text-area field, and many more.

2. Parallax website

On the parallax website when you scroll you can see the image in the background is fixed but the image content is Scrollable.

3. User profile card

When we visit any website we see a card on every website but it may be an invitation card, or information card inbox with some short detail.

4. Dynamic Js Quiz

Basically, it's a JavaScript project but you can create this design using only HTML & CSS without any functionality.

5. Landing page

A landing page is a page on which a user lands on after clicking a specifically dedicated hyperlink

6.  Instagram home clone

In this project you can easily see the Instagram home page clone it is not responsive but it is one of the best projects for anyone who knows HTML/CSS.

Best Frontend Project

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