10+ Javascript Project Ideas For Beginners( Project Source Code)

In this article, I share 10+ JavaScript projects with source code. This is a beginner to advanced-level JavaScript project.

1. Background color changer

The background color change app is the best project for beginners because it contains simple Html css with JavaScript. In this project, you have a button that changes the background with help of JavaScript.

2. Image slider Javascript

Image slider is a very important project as a beginner because we use sliders as anything like reviews, box sliders anything that we want to slide.

3. Theme Switch using Javascript

Theme switch using JavaScript is best practice for frontend developers . In this project, we have a checkbox so we get this using JavaScript and also using body attributes in our HTML.

4. Calculator using HTML Javascript

The calculator project is a medium-level JavaScript project. In this Javascript Project, we learn how to work with HTML elements.

5.  Multi-step form using Html Javascript

This is my personal favorite project. In this project we have 3 steps form for sign up. In this project, you learn index position and next or previous project.

6. Countdown timer HTML Javascript

This is the best and most interesting project for beginners. in this project you learn how to work this javascript time function also you learn javascript math objects in this project.

7. Word counter Javascript

This is a simple and Beginner friendly JavaScript project. In this project, we use our input field and get in JavaScript using dom

8. To-do-List Javascript

In this project, you learn lots of JavaScript and also learn tab switch on the same page without reloading. You learn length, function, for each, Local storage, JavaScript display, and how to store data in the browser.

Best Frontend Project

By practising this project code you can learn JavaScript more and more. Because if you want to learn JavaScript do JavaScript projects. So that's it all content for JavaScript project idea with source code.