HTML CSS Projects with Source Code – Code with Random

HTML CSS Projects with Source code – Code with Random

Hello, guys welcome to our blog, in this blog we share 15+ HTML CSS projects with complete code and we use beginner-level HTML CSS projects or some advanced projects to grow your skills in Front-End development so let’s start with our 1st project.

1. Search Filter JavaScript

In this project, we have lots of user profile with their name and have a search bar so if you type any letters it’s matched with the profile and only those profiles appear that has letter that you searched for. This is an HTML CSS JavaScript project for beginners.

project source code

2. music player using html CSS JavaScript

This is a simple music player that we make using only HTML CSS JavaScript. In this project you learn lots of JavaScript, we insert music, play pause music, rewind music, next song, the previous song features so don’t forget to make your own music player.

project source code

3. Form Validator JavaScript

In this project, we learn how to create a simple HTML CSS JavaScript form and after making the form we use JavaScript for form validation. We use lots of JavaScript and functions for every type of input to give validation. So add this to your project in your portfolio and give more awesome UI using CSS.

project source code

4. 404 Page HTML CSS

In this project, we create a simple 404 error page. when Website pages have an error so that’s page shows and give redirect to Website main home page 🤩. So don’t forget to make your custom 404 page and also add your Website.

project source code

5. Form Input Wave animation 

In this project, we have a login form and have input type email and password. So when the user clicks to type there is wave animation in that input field and it gives user attraction and this is made by only HTML CSS JavaScript. so add this animation in any form or any input fields.

project source code

6. Social Media Icons CSS

In this project, we use only HTML CSS or social media icons. Social icons are necessary for a website so that users share your article or whatever user want to share with their friends. We give hover button as well. So add in your website or portfolio.

project source code

7. Animated Tab Bar css

This is the best project for learning css animation using javascript, in this animated tab bar css we use HTML svj code, and after style using css & javascript so don’t forget to make this project for learning animation via javascript.

project source code

8. Notes app using html css javascript 

In this project, you make your own notes app using Html css, and javascript. In this project, you learn how to use storage and show those notes who user write and close the tabs. Project link here 👇so make this project and try to give more css and make it more beautiful.

project source code

9. Make Calendar using html css javascript

This is the most interesting project of all these projects. In this project we make a calendar, not for this year, infinite years maybe because I don’t go after the 2025 year so you try it and do comment. So let’s see what you learn in this project you learn about date, month, year objects in javascript .so let’s make your own calendar.

project source code

10. copy to clipboard javascript  

This is a simple & easy project for beginners. Its coding is easy but it works like a big bomb because many Websites give a button just copy the clipboard for something like this so don’t forget to make this project.

project source code

11. Theme Switch using javascript 

Especially this project for that user who loves dark mode and so in this project we learn how to add dark theme toggle so if user don’t want light theme user switch into dark mode. In this project, we use Html,css, and javascript. Click on the link below for the source code.

project source code

12. dropdown list

This is a simple and easy HTML css project, this is a simple drop-down list, you can see in thumbnail how the drop-down is styled so don’t forget to make and sharpen your HTML css skills.

project source code 

Everyone’s journey starts as Beginners so if you have any type of confusion drop a comment we are here to reply & provide the best information regarding your comment. Thank you for reading!

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