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How to Create Loading Spinner Using JavaScript

Hey Guys , In Today’s Blog We are going to see How to create an Loading Spinner Wheel Using HTML , CSS and JAVA SCRIPT. For that the respective sources codes were given below along with the respective preview of output section. So you can make use of that.

How to Create Loading Spinner Using JavaScript

Now The Project is going to create and for that we are first adding an HTML Code.


<div id="spinner"></div>

Here a single line of HTML code is enough to add an spin loader. Simply a div class with name on it.

Now we are adding background using CSS.



html,body {

Calling out HTML and BODY we are fixing margin value to zero and background using RGBA Property. Now for adding loading spin to explore load animation we are using Java Script.



but 1st add this cdn link to your project as in script tag of javascript

Now add this js code to your js file

let opts = {
 lines: 13,
 length: 28,
 width: 14,
 radius: 42,
 scale: 1,
 corners: 1,
 color: '#FFF',
 opacity: 0.25,
 rotate: 0,
 direction: 1,
 speed: 1,
 trail: 60,
 fps: 20,
 zIndex: 2e9,
 className: 'spinner',
 top: '50%',
 left: '50%',
 shadow: false,
 hwaccel: false,
 position: 'absolute',
 target = document.getElementById('spinner'),
 spinner = new Spinner(opts).spin(target);

In this JavaScript code , First we are creating an variable with target and getting the ID using get element by id property. Then again we creating an variable spinner and adding new spinner object and passing a OPTS variable that contains values for making load spin and the spin(target) is called out.

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The values like length , width , height , color, rotate etc… is added to complete the load spin.

Now We have completed our Project successfully By adding source codes. So we can move for project preview in the given Output section.



Now We have Successfully created our Loading Spinner Using HTML , CSS and JavaScript. You can use this project for your personnel needs and the respective lines of code are given with the code pen link mentioned below.

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