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10+ HTML CSS Projects With Source Code

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10+ HTML CSS projects With Source Code

Hello Coder! In this article, We give you 10+ HTML and CSS Projects With Source Code. we also add mini projects in html and css with source code so you can learn and practice more.

Html and Css developers will get benefit from this article. This article will help in enhancing their Html Css skill set and becoming expert developers. In this article, we’ll share more than 10 HTML and CSS projects to aid developers in gaining practical project experience.

HTML CSS Projects With Source Code
HTML CSS Projects With Source Code



We will provide you best Html and Css beginner projects to advance Project in this article. Whoever practices these projects will be able to understand all of his concepts. They will acquire appropriate skills that are in demand and aid in landing jobs as a result of this. This directly benefits developers in enhancing their skills.

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50+ HTML, CSS and JavaScript Projects With Source Code

Html And Css Projects:-

Name of project Coding language used
Survey form HTML, CSS
Parallax website HTML, CSS
User profile card HTML, CSS
Instagram home clone  HTML , CSS
html css projects with source code


1. Survey form

Input HTML is essentially the only thing the survey form requires. You get knowledge of HTML input such as text-area fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, file uploads, date pick-up input, input validation without JavaScript, and many others with this project..

Every website needs a form to connect its user to the web owner so everyone must know that to create a form. this is the best Html Css Project for new learners.

Source Code link 👇

 Survey form source code

HTML CSS Projects With Source Code
Survey Form

2. Parallax website

Using the web design method of parallax scrolling, the website background scrolls more slowly than the foreground. As users scroll down the website, a 3D effect appears, adding depth and making the browsing experience more engaging.

In this project, you learn many things including background images property and scroll property. this is Html Css Project that makes the website 3d scroll.

Source Code link 👇

Parallax website source code

HTML CSS Projects With Source Code
Parallax website

3. User profile card

When we visit any website we see a card on every website but it may be an invitation card, or information card inbox with some short detail.

So in this project, you’ll learn about how to create a simple type of card and also make it better with your CSS skills. this is Html Css Project that you can use in your portfolio.

Source Code link👇

User profile card


HTML CSS Projects With Source Code
Card CSS



Gym Website Using HTML ,CSS and JavaScript (Source Code)


4. Dynamic Js Quiz 

It’s a JavaScript project in essence, but the design may be made with only HTML and CSS without any functionality. The project rating will be eliminated if you want to add a quiz option. This project teaches you about radio buttons and how to use JavaScript to add content.


Source Code link 👇


Quiz project source code


HTML CSS Projects With Source Code
Quiz Ui HTML – CSS 


5. Landing page

A landing page is a page that a user arrives at after clicking a particularly targeted hyperlink. Unlike the homepage or any other page on the website, a landing page is a separate page.

It solely fulfills the precise function for which it was designed, which could range from recommending a service to your visitor to selling or promoting a product. For your convenience, we’ve provided a link to a landing page from Codepen below.

Source Code link 👇

landing page source code

HTML CSS Projects With Source Code
Landing page HTML CSS


Ecommerce Website Using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (Source Code)


6.  Instagram home clone 

The Instagram home page clone is clearly visible in this project. It’s not responsive, but it’s still one of the greatest projects for someone who knows HTML and CSS.

For HTML/CSS developers, this is an advanced-level project since you learn a lot from it, including how to use flexbox, grids, positioning, hover effects, 3D effects, and section dividing among many other things. A simple front-end project can be expanded upon by adding backend support to become a full-stack project. For your portfolio, you absolutely need a full-stack clone website.

Source Code link 👇

Instagram home clone 

HTML - CSS project ideas by Code With Random
Instagram home page clone

we share the best html and css projects with source code, so don’t forget to visit our website next time for html and css projects, Thank You!

Everyone’s journey starts as Beginner so if you have any type of confusion drop a comment we are here to reply & provide the best information regarding your comment. Thank you for reading!

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Written by – codewithrandom/Anki

FAQ For Html Css Projects

Which code editor do you use for this website project coding?

I personally recommend using VS Code Studio. it’s very simple and easy to use.

Can we learn html css by doing these html css projects?

Yes if you do learning + projects and understand every part of the project you absolutely learn Html And Css.

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