Egg Catcher Game

Make A Egg Catcher Game Using Python

Make A Egg Catcher Game Using Python

Hello coder, welcome to the codewithrandom blog. In this blog, we will learn how to build a Egg Catcher Game Using Python. Egg catcher game is a fun and addictive game that involves catching eggs as they fall from the sky. In this tutorial, we will create a simple egg catcher game using  Tkinter GUI in python with Complete Source Code.

Egg Catcher Game Using Python

Before Starting Egg Catcher Game coding, check this video to know what we are going to make:

Steps for creating Egg Catcher Game Using Python :

step 1: open any python code Editor.

step 2: Importing the Required Modules.

For this Egg Catcher Game project, we need to install Tkinter packages. You can install these packages using the pip command in your terminal.

Command to install Tkinter :

$ pip install tk

step 3: Copy the code for Egg Catcher Game using Python, which I provided Below in this article, and save it in a file named “” (or any other name you prefer).

step 4: Run this  python file to start the Egg Catcher Game .

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Complete Source Code For the Egg Catcher Game(copy the code and run )👇👇👇

from itertools import cycle
from random import randrange
from tkinter import Canvas, Tk, messagebox, font

canvas_width = 800
canvas_height = 400

root = Tk()
c = Canvas(root, width=canvas_width, height=canvas_height, background="deep sky blue")
c.create_rectangle(-5, canvas_height-100, canvas_width+5, canvas_height+5, fill="sea green", width=0)
c.create_oval(-80, -80, 120, 120, fill='orange', width=0)

color_cycle = cycle(["light blue", "light green", "light pink", "light yellow", "light cyan"])
egg_width = 45
egg_height = 55
egg_score = 10
egg_speed = 500
egg_interval = 4000
difficulty = 0.95
catcher_color = "blue"
catcher_width = 100
catcher_height = 100
catcher_startx = canvas_width / 2 - catcher_width / 2
catcher_starty = canvas_height - catcher_height - 20
catcher_startx2 = catcher_startx + catcher_width
catcher_starty2 = catcher_starty + catcher_height

catcher = c.create_arc(catcher_startx, catcher_starty, catcher_startx2, catcher_starty2, start=200, extent=140, style="arc", outline=catcher_color, width=3)
game_font = font.nametofont("TkFixedFont")

score = 0
score_text = c.create_text(10, 10, anchor="nw", font=game_font, fill="darkblue", text="Score: "+ str(score))

lives_remaining = 3
lives_text = c.create_text(canvas_width-10, 10, anchor="ne", font=game_font, fill="darkblue", text="Lives: "+ str(lives_remaining))

eggs = []

def create_egg():
    x = randrange(10, 740)
    y = 40
    new_egg = c.create_oval(x, y, x+egg_width, y+egg_height, fill=next(color_cycle), width=0)
    root.after(egg_interval, create_egg)

def move_eggs():
    for egg in eggs:
        (eggx, eggy, eggx2, eggy2) = c.coords(egg)
        c.move(egg, 0, 10)
        if eggy2 > canvas_height:
    root.after(egg_speed, move_eggs)

def egg_dropped(egg):
    if lives_remaining == 0:
        messagebox.showinfo("Game Over!", "Final Score: "+ str(score))

def lose_a_life():
    global lives_remaining
    lives_remaining -= 1
    c.itemconfigure(lives_text, text="Lives: "+ str(lives_remaining))

def check_catch():
    (catcherx, catchery, catcherx2, catchery2) = c.coords(catcher)
    for egg in eggs:
        (eggx, eggy, eggx2, eggy2) = c.coords(egg)
        if catcherx < eggx and eggx2 < catcherx2 and catchery2 - eggy2 < 40:
    root.after(100, check_catch)

def increase_score(points):
    global score, egg_speed, egg_interval
    score += points
    egg_speed = int(egg_speed * difficulty)
    egg_interval = int(egg_interval * difficulty)
    c.itemconfigure(score_text, text="Score: "+ str(score))

def move_left(event):
    (x1, y1, x2, y2) = c.coords(catcher)
    if x1 > 0:
        c.move(catcher, -20, 0)

def move_right(event):
    (x1, y1, x2, y2) = c.coords(catcher)
    if x2 < canvas_width:
        c.move(catcher, 20, 0)

c.bind("<Left>", move_left)
c.bind("<Right>", move_right)
root.after(1000, create_egg)
root.after(1000, move_eggs)
root.after(1000, check_catch)
Output for the Egg Catcher Game👇👇👇

Egg Catcher Game



we have successfully created a simple egg catcher game using Python . This egg catcher game is a great starting point for anyone who wants to learn game development with Python. You can add more features to the game, such as adding different types of eggs or obstacles to increase the difficulty level.

I hope you found this tutorial helpful and that it inspires you to continue exploring the world of python  with codewithrandom!💕❤️





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