what is bootstrap ,Introduction to Bootstrap, Is it useful or not?

what is bootstrap, Introduction to Bootstrap,  Is it useful or not?

 Hello, guys welcome to Code With Random blog, today we learn about bootstrap. Today we discuss a simple introduction, Is it useful or not, which one is best between a bootstrap website and a scratch code written website.

Q. What is Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is just a web framework used by web developers for creating a website without writing scratch code, many back-end developers use web frameworks like bootstrap for building a simple structure of a website then write code for the backend. In simple words, bootstrap is a written HTML code that classes has already styling and scripting only you need to learn those classes.


Q. How to work with bootstrap?

If you want to work with bootstrap you have two options one downloads all files provided by bootstrap this option is used when we create the whole website using bootstrap and we have much experience of bootstrap but we have the second and best option that I use personally if you want to use bootstrap without downloading files so you go with the use of CDN links. Another question is that how you get all links you just need to go at bootstrap docs then you get this after that just copy the starter template and start coding…..

Q. Is it useful or not?

Of course, bootstrap it’s too useful for us if we want to learn just the back-end without a master’s front-end so it’s the very best option for us but if you want to masters full-stack web development so you need to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript. when you start bootstrap after learning front-end just think it bootstrap is an additional skill in your skillset so finally, we got the answer bootstrap is useful for us but in some conditions, we need to give it our second priority… 

Q. Which one is best between a bootstrap website and a scratch code written website?

Personally, when I started learning Django so I’m going with bootstrap its help me for learning Django concepts easily and its also save my time if I write code for the front end of the website so its need too much time and I think my back-end journey became too long so I think you go with bootstrap when you working with backend but bootstrap is not all solution if you want to be a perfect front-end developer so you also need how to create a scratch website with HTML, CSS, javascript so scratch code is written website is more preferred for a web developer but you also need to learn bootstrap as an additional framework in your skill-set.

Q. What should you know before learning Bootstrap?

The best thing about bootstrap is that don’t you need to masters front-end for learning bootstrap you just need to learn about basic HTML, CSS, javascript syntax especially in html learn about classes, ids, tags or etc. so if you know about only basics and you interested in learning back-end development so start learning bootstrap if not so you able to start also but it is cuddle for you in beginning. 

Q. What is a Starter Template?

Starter Template is just written code in Html. In this starter template, such CDN links are linked in the starter template so it’s the only option to work with bootstrap, you don’t need to download files of bootstrap.

Steps to download bootstrap files and start a project.

Step 1) Go to the Bootstrap Website

Step 2) Click on Download Button

Step 3) In Compiled CSS and JS click on Download Button
Step 4) Extract the download files and paste them into the project folder.
Step 5) Open Project folder in VS Code or Any Code Editor you like to code

Q. How to use bootstrap?

Personally I prefer to read the whole getting started section of documentation then you will work proper with bootstrap, topics we goes to learn Introduction, download, contents, browsers & devices, JavaScript, Webpack, Parcel, accessibility, RFS, RTL, Contribute after read all things we ready to use bootstrap so click on component 


After click on components you get some written code in components like Accordian,  Alerts, Badges, Breadcrumb, Buttons, Button group, Cards, Carousel, Popovers, Pagination, Close button , Etc. copy code and just put in opened file in code editor and create your first bootstrap website. Best of Luck…
Hope you like this post and enjoy it. If we did any mistake please comment it down so this help full for also our users. Thank you for reading.

Written by Tushar Sharma
Team Codewith_Random

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