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Best Youtube Channel For Learning C Language

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Best Youtube Channel For Learning C Language

Best Youtube Channel For Learning C Language
Best Youtube Channel For Learning C Language


Hello, learners. Most of us start coding with a lot of enthusiasm. At some point, we all get to a stage where we don’t get the resources correctly or a concept not getting through our brain.

Fear not, learners. Today I will be explaining some of the best youtube channels for C programming.


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Learning to code has never been easier than it is now. There are hundreds of YouTube channels where you may quickly learn technical abilities and begin practicing by creating your coding projects.

List of Youtube channels For C programming

Number Youtube Channel Name
1 CodeWithHarry
2 Saurabh Shukla
3 Neso Academy
4 Telusko
5 FreeCodeCamp
6 Thenewboston
Best Youtube Channel For Learning C Language



I will be adding a few points on why each channel should be preferred. Note that the list doesn’t give any order of preference. All the mentioned channels are preferred by a lot of people and loved equally in terms of content.

It is just the target audience differs for each and the way they explain differs.

1) CodeWithHarry

If your preferred language is Hindi, then this is one of the best channels for a beginner for any programming language. In C programming, He has a whole playlist with 15hrs of content. Starting from the basics of C to what all to know, including projects and practice sets.

2) Saurabh Shukla

If you are a total beginner then this is another channel in Hindi for C programming. According to most users, The concepts are for beginners, and Especially for universities and colleges, this channel is preferred the most.

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3) Neso Academy

Probably the best channel you can get for most of the subjects such as Operating Systems, Computer Networks, Theory of Computation and obviously for C programming.

The way of explaining is clear, and the language followed is English. So, do visit the channel at least once.


Probably another channel for an English audience. Not only C but also other programming languages are also available. It is worth the watch.


FreeCodeCamp is a popular platform for learning most of the programming technologies in form of youtube tutorials and also website tutorials. Many experienced people in the field explain these lectures.

It is preferred for beginners and also for anyone who wishes to revisit the content after a long time.

They cover the necessary topics such as Setup, Data types, Conditionals, Loops, Pointers, Structures, Files, and more.

6) Thenewboston


The Thenewboston channel might be one of the oldest tutorials that are loved by a lot of people. It has a lot of videos on different topics and, he covers almost all the topics easily.


These are just some of the channels that people prefer the most. Other channels include Edureka, Jenny’s lectures, Naresh I Technologies, Kodegod, Intellipaat.


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More Channels


Once you feel that you have grasped the basic understanding of the C language then it is time to start some projects and visit these tutorials too.

1)Abdul Bari Sir Youtube Channel

His main videos are about algorithms and their foundations. So, once you get the confidence, do visit the channel for beginner knowledge on algorithms.

2) CS50 

This is probably the most discussed course among the people who start programming. Once we get the idea of C, how is it done, we can the course.

It concentrates on basics like how computers work and builds the way up. Some people feel the course not being for them and it is the reason, I am mentioning it here at the end.


Fear not, learner. There are many resources for a person who wants to learn. Just explore the world of programming using these channels. You can figure out the “how” and “what” easily.

Happy Reading 🙂

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