Spelling Checker Program

Python Spelling Checker Program

Python Spelling Checker Program

Hello coder, welcome to the codewithrandom blog. In this article, we create a Spelling Checker Program  using Python with Complete Source Code. We will do the same in this Python Spelling Checker  Project. Let’s start!!!

What is a Spelling Checker Program ?

A spelling checker program is a simple program that helps users identify spelling  it’s correct or incorrect spelling .

Spelling checker programs can be integrated into word processors, text editors, and other applications to help users catch spelling errors in real-time. Some programs even provide additional features such as grammar and style checking,

Overall, spelling checker programs can be a useful program  for beginner’s  in python.

Spelling Checker Program using Python.

A spelling checker program using Python is a simple program  that uses Python programming language to identify and correct spelling given user in text . The program works by comparing words using  textblob library in python .

Python Spelling Checker Program

Project Requirements

Open your terminal and Install the module we just talked about, the following commands would be of use.

pip install textblob

How To Run The Code :

step 1: open command prompt and install textblob library.

step 1: open any python code Editor.

step 2:  Make a python file main.py

step 3:  import library

step 4:  Copy the code & Past it

step 4:  Run the file main.py and your program will run

complete program code👇👇👇

# importing textblob library

from textblob import TextBlob  

t = 1

while t:

    # for incorrect spelling

    a = input("Enter the word to be checked:- ")	

    #printing original text

    print("original text: "+str(a))     

    b = TextBlob(a)  #correcting the text

    # prints the corrected spelling

    print("corrected text: "+str(b.correct()))

    t = int(input("Try Again? 1 : 0 "))

 To check the spelling show output

Run This Python Program

1. We first take the input word
2. Then we put an object for this word
3. Then we show the given word in the correct or incorrect and final output we show autocorrect given word spelling is correct.


Python Spelling Checker Program


Hurray! You have successfully Create the Spelling Checker  project using the TextBlob Python modules. We learned to create simple python project, check spellings. Hope you enjoyed building with us!

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