Paint Application

Build A Paint Application in Python Tkinter

Build A Paint Application in Python Tkinter

Hello coders, welcome to the codewithrandom blog. It’s time to code in Python. In this article, we create a Most Popular Paint Application using Tkinter GUI in python Programming with Complete Source Code.

Paint Application

Before Starting Paint Application coding, check this video to know what we are going to make:

Steps for creating Paint Application Using Python :

step 1: open any python code Editor.

step 2: Importing the Required Modules.

For this particular project, we need to install Tkinter packages. You can install these packages using the pip command in your terminal.

Command to install Tkinter :

pip install tk

step 3: Copy the code for the Paint Application in Python, which I provided Below in this article, and save it in a file named “” (or any other name you prefer).

step 4: Run this  python file to start the Paint Application .

complete code For Paint Application👇👇👇

from tkinter import *
import tkinter.font

class PaintApp:
    drawing_tool = "pencil"
    left_button = "up"

    x_position, y_position = None, None

    x1_line_pt, y1_line_pt, x2_line_pt, y2_line_pt = None, None, None, None 

    def quit_app(event=None):

    def __init__(self, root):
        drawing_area = Canvas(root)

        drawing_area.bind("<Motion>", self.motion) 
        drawing_area.bind("<ButtonPress-1>", self.left_button_down) 
        drawing_area.bind("<ButtonRelease-1>", self.left_button_up) 

        the_menu = Menu(root)

        file_menu = Menu(the_menu, tearoff=0)
        file_menu.add_command(label="Line", command=self.set_line_drawing_tool)
        file_menu.add_command(label="Pencil", command=self.set_pencil_drawing_tool)
        file_menu.add_command(label="ARC", command=self.set_arc_drawing_tool)
        file_menu.add_command(label="Rectangle", command=self.set_rectangle_drawing_tool)
        file_menu.add_command(label="Oval", command=self.set_oval_drawing_tool)
        file_menu.add_command(label="Text", command=self.set_text_drawing_tool)

        file_menu.add_command(label="Quit", command=self.quit_app)

        the_menu.add_cascade(label="Options", menu=file_menu)

    def set_line_drawing_tool(self):
        self.drawing_tool = "line"

    def set_pencil_drawing_tool(self):
        self.drawing_tool = "pencil"

    def set_arc_drawing_tool(self):
        self.drawing_tool = "arc"

    def set_rectangle_drawing_tool(self):
        self.drawing_tool = "rectangle"

    def set_oval_drawing_tool(self):
        self.drawing_tool = "oval"

    def set_text_drawing_tool(self):
        self.drawing_tool = "text"

    def left_button_down(self, event=None):
        self.left_button = "down"
        self.x1_line_pt = event.x
        self.y1_line_pt = event.y 

    def left_button_up(self, event=None):
        self.left_button = "up"
        self.x_position = None
        self.y_position = None

        self.x2_line_pt = event.x
        self.y2_line_pt = event.y 

        if self.drawing_tool=="line":
        if self.drawing_tool=="pencil":
        if self.drawing_tool=="arc":
        if self.drawing_tool=="oval":
        if self.drawing_tool=="rectangle":
        if self.drawing_tool=="text":

    def motion(self, event=None):
        if self.drawing_tool=="pencil":

        self.x_position = event.x
        self.y_position = event.y 

    def pencil_draw(self, event=None):
        if self.left_button =="down":
            if self.x_position is not None and self.y_position is not None:
                event.widget.create_line(self.x_position, self.y_position, event.x, event.y, smooth=True)

    def line_draw(self, event=None):
        if  None not in (self.x1_line_pt, self.x2_line_pt, self.y1_line_pt, self.y2_line_pt):
            event.widget.create_line(self.x1_line_pt, self.x2_line_pt, self.y1_line_pt, self.y2_line_pt, smooth=True, fill="green")

    def arc_draw(self, event=None):
        if  None not in (self.x1_line_pt, self.x2_line_pt, self.y1_line_pt, self.y2_line_pt):
            coords = self.x1_line_pt, self.x2_line_pt, self.y1_line_pt, self.y2_line_pt

            event.widget.create_arc(coords, start=0, extent=150, style=ARC, fill="blue")

    def oval_draw(self, event=None):
        if  None not in (self.x1_line_pt, self.x2_line_pt, self.y1_line_pt, self.y2_line_pt):
            event.widget.create_oval(self.x1_line_pt, self.x2_line_pt, self.y1_line_pt, self.y2_line_pt, fill="midnight blue", outline="yellow", width=2)

    def rect_draw(self, event=None):
        if  None not in (self.x1_line_pt, self.x2_line_pt, self.y1_line_pt, self.y2_line_pt):
            event.widget.create_rectangle(self.x1_line_pt, self.x2_line_pt, self.y1_line_pt, self.y2_line_pt, fill="red", outline="pink", width=2)

    def text_draw(self, event=None):
        if  None not in (self.x1_line_pt, self.y1_line_pt):
            text_font = tkinter.font.Font(family="Helvetica", size=20, weight="bold", slant="italic")
            event.widget.create_text(self.x1_line_pt, self.y1_line_pt, fill="lightblue", font=text_font, text="helloooo!")

root = Tk()
paint_app = PaintApp(root)


Paint Application



Hurray! You have successfully Create the Paint Application project using the Python Programming . We learned to create amazing python project. Hope you enjoyed building with us! Visit our homepage and you get lot’s of projects💝

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